Therapy Services


Therapy Services

Therapy at Spark Recovery

Therapy is an integral part of sustainable recovery. From talk therapy and family counseling to music and art, there is the right combination of therapy services for everyone.

At Spark Recovery, we seek to provide clients with the breakthroughs, coping tools, and community support they need to build a healthier, happier way of life.


Group therapy combines talk therapy, learning, processing, and connecting with others who are experiencing similar life circumstances. Clients are encouraged to express themselves and share their experiences. Group sessions can range in size and topic, mixing open discussion with training and resource sessions.


A popular alternative to talk therapy, Expressive Therapy provides clients with a “visual voice, ” giving participants of all ages and abilities an outlet to get creative and uncover deeper meaning under the guidance of a qualified professional.


Through informative sessions, clients and their families can learn about substance use and what steps to take towards recovery. The emphasis of these sessions is to empower audiences through resources and information.


Spark Recovery creates a safe space for clients and their loved ones to express themselves and work through issues. Substance use and mental health challenges can drastically affect personal relationships, and treatment can make all the difference in strengthening a client’s support system.


Individual therapy takes place between a client and their therapist. It can be utilized in conjunction with group therapy to further explore your unique issues and receive personalized feedback.

Ready to start your recovery journey? To discuss your best treatment plan, please reach out to our admissions staff.


Ready to start your recovery journey? To discuss your best treatment plan, please contact our admission staff at 317-650-5283, or fill out the form below.