Sober Living Scottsdale

It is possible to know you no longer need to live at an inpatient facility, but that you are not quite ready to live at home. Alliance Sober Homes can help prepare you for the transition to life outside of the facility. Contact us for more information about sober living in Scottsdale.

Licensing of sober living facilities

Nationwide, there is no organized certification or licensing process for sober living homes. Certifying these homes falls to the purview of the states. As these facilities are for-profit entities, they fall outside of state licensing boards. Pennsylvania asks sober living facilities to register with the state voluntarily.

The lack of state regulation disqualifies these facilities from state aid to their facilities. This means there are no state grants to help residents in financial need. This lack of regulation and their for-profit status is why they do not work with or accept payment from insurance companies. Residents work to pay their rent, and that enables them to live in the facility.

Are sober living facilities tax deductible?

They can be. A person can write off out-of-pocket medical expenses if they itemize deductions on their taxes. Living in a sober living facility can meet that threshold set by the IRS. If you live in the facility as part of a medical treatment, that meets the standard. If the reason for living in a sober living house was personal, you could not claim it as a tax write off.

Sober living facilities extend the treatment an individual participated in at an inpatient facility. As long as an individual receives treatment that continues skills learned in rehab, they can claim it as a medical expense. Our sober living in Scottsdale extends treatment strategies an individual learned at their inpatient center.

Halfway house vs. 3/4 house vs. sober living homes

All facilities meet similar criteria. However, there are some differences we should look at.

  • Halfway house- a transitional facility used for those leaving inpatient facilities or correctional facilities. For those leaving inpatient drug treatment, these homes are more dorm-style living. Select facilities are government-run. All require sobriety and adhering to curfews.
  • 3/4 house- very similar to a halfway house. Not likely to be government-run. Fewer rules and restrictions than halfway or sober living homes. Fewer drug tests and more generous curfews.
  • Sober living homes- transitional facilities for those leaving inpatient homes. These are for-profit facilities. Private living quarters for residents.

Regardless of what type of facility you live at, all will help you continue the skills you learned at an inpatient rehab.

The best sober living homes

Sober living homes function as extensions of the rehabilitation program. These facilities will help you recover and readapt to a life of sobriety faster and more effectively. If you’re planning to leave your addiction behind for good, you need to consider this alternative. It will help you reintegrate into society and regain control over your life sooner.

Keep your sobriety intact. Contact Alliance Sober Homes to learn more about your options for sober living in Scottsdale.

Sober Living Scottsdale