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Indiana Inpatient Rehab provides the most reliable drug rehab treatment around these parts. If you or your loved one suffer from addiction, then start looking for rehabs in Indiana right now. There’s no time to waste because addiction waits for no one. The longer you wait, the more difficult to treat it becomes.

What’s the best treatment for co-occurring disorders?

A co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis case means that a person suffers from addiction and psychological issues simultaneously. The psychological problems might be PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating or mood disorders, and so on. The treatment we offer for these medical cases is different than the traditional addiction treatments.

That’s because we must treat both addiction and psychological issues simultaneously. Otherwise, a patient will most probably relapse in the future. While addiction can lead to mental illnesses, the other way around is also true. People suffering from PTSD, for instance, can resort to alcohol to confront and relieve their PTSD-induced symptoms.

Efficient dual diagnosis treatment

If you start doing rehabs in Indiana in our addiction center, then we can guarantee that you’ll walk out a changed person. Even with a co-occurring disorder, we’ll manage to treat you thoroughly and to prevent relapsing completely. Just contact us, and we’ll establish an appointment where we can get to know you better. If your loved one is suffering from dual diagnosis addiction, we have family counseling therapy just for that.

Among the many treatment techniques for co-occurring disorders, we have sufficient evidence to use the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – we alter the negative thought patterns and behaviors that might empower the addiction
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy – we help you avoid any suicidal and self-harm tendencies that come with addiction
  • Contingency management – a reward system that encourages patients who exhibit desirable behavior in progressing further
  • Family therapy – revitalizes a patient’s familial relationships
  • Support groups – combats an addict’s isolation

Admission to a drug rehab center

Whenever you decide to start treatment for addiction, we are ready and able to go on with your admission process. After calling us, we’ll talk about a realistic and efficient treatment plan for your specific needs. Depending on your desires, we can start with detox or go directly to residential treatment.

You must answer a few questions before we get a general idea of how we should structure your treatment. We’ll need to know what drugs you use, how often you use them if you have any psychological issues, and so on.

Does insurance pay for rehab?

Like other rehabs in Indiana, we accept most major insurance companies, so you’ll benefit from the advantages of cheaper or free treatment. Depending on the duration of your treatment, you might have to pay the extra money not covered by the insurance.

On the Indiana Inpatient Rehab official website, there’s a form you can complete where you’ll specify what insurance you have. Our staff will get back to you shortly, and you’ll know whether we accept your insurance company or not.

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