Alcohol Treatment Programs In New Hampshire

It’s simply quite unimaginable but also understandable to live with an addiction. The continuous struggle to stay high and to bear the emotions of emptiness must be exhausting. However, the positive side is every person has a choice. They can continue walking towards the danger or reach out for assistance. Assuming your addiction has superseded the normal level, residential drug and alcohol rehab center is your principal and prime solution.

You Can Achieve Long-Term Recovery

As one of the top rehab centers in New Hampshire, Riverbank House is a revolutionary option for men pursuing real recovery; we are a community, a neighbourhood, and a brotherhood that provide an ideal opportunity to lively practice the skills of improvement. By enrolling in our alcohol rehab center, you will be able to develop new habits that could have lasting effect through some of the best long-term addiction programs in New Hampshire.

Our Philosophy:

Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community acknowledges that freedom from addiction requires constant commitment. Our programs are not only a mixture of traditional Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but they comprehensively narrate many other pathways to recovery, validated by leading experts.

Extended Care Program Overview:

Our NH alcohol treatment center programs are unique and perfectly designed to discover the true essence of freedom. We stay mindful through exploration into the principles of Buddhism, freshen your mind by daily practice of meditation & yoga, we follow a community code of non-agression, formed on mutual respect and the pursuit of constructive passion. All our programs are guided by four unexcelled principles, making our methods different from the conventional Twelve Steps formula:

  1. Ample length of stay is important.
  2. Both body & brain need to feel natural.
  3. There is no single pathway to recovery.
  4. Successful recovery requires practice within a safe community.

Experience the Residential Treatment:

Master true self-care, initiate structured daily routines, expand your network, partner with others to set specific goals and devise plans to achieve them. At community living, we aim to remove the obstacles and stresses of everyday life.

Outpatient Services:

Receive addiction counseling to help you grow greater self-awareness of your feelings and emotions as well as address any instant life concerns.

Sober Living:

Sober Living allows individuals in recovery to ease back into normal life effectively. It shares daily tasks and responsibilities of home life. Sober living is less restrictive than inpatient facilities, but supervision is occurring.

Fun and Adventures:

Avail a variety of exciting activities, excursions, and adventurous trips designed to help you think beyond your recovery stage, without alcohol or drugs.


Designed kitchens, reading libraries, inground swimming pools are a few of many ways of comfort available to residents that are intended to aid in our total recovery – mind, body, and spirit.

Getting Help for Addiction

It’s never ever too late to call for a helping hand. Contact us immediately to speak with an addiction recovery specialist or verify your insurance now. Our NH drug and alcohol rehab information specialists can help you learn more about extended drug rehab options offered in your area.

Alcohol Treatment Programs In New Hampshire

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